Robert Heasley, PhD, LMFT

Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

I work with individuals, couples and families to create positive changes in their lives. This includes those struggling in areas such as self-esteem, intimacy, addressing emotional needs, healing from past hurts/trauma, a history of neglect or abuse, or challenges regarding gender and sexuality. I work with couples, straight/lesbian/gay, who are working on their relationship, whether as a result of an affair, or realizing differences that keep them from being close. My research focuses on men and the effects of expectations on men’s lives. Pursuing therapy represents a longing to heal. My work is about supporting that process.My work with men has focused on concerns about sexuality, intimacy, commitment, and issues about fathers, childhood trauma as well as masculinity. Work with couples has focused on issues concerning relationship disenchantment, affairs, divorce, struggles over life decisions regarding careers, children, and change in general in a couple’s life.

I have taught extensively at the university level in the area of sexuality, gender, counseling and related areas. My research focuses on men and relationships, issues of intimacy, raising boys, fathering, healing from sexual abuse and other sexual challenges. I bring a therapist and educator background to my work with cclients.